Bring your dreams of flight and adventure to life. Tandem Utah’s staff of experienced tandem instructors will weave your childhood dreams into your present day reality.  With tandem paragliding being safe, affordable, and accessible, there has never been such a care free and exciting way to experience flight.

Tandem Utah offers paragliding experiences in locations such as The Point of the Mountain, and several other mountain sights along the Wasatch front. Tandem paragliding is available to all age groups, and can accommodate a weight range from about 75 – 230 lbs. Yes, even you and your grandmother can enjoy this experience.

Book your flight today and enjoy an experience of a lifetime.

Utah provides some of the best paragliding locations in the country ranging from little 300 ft hills to 12,000 ft mountain peaks. Click the button above for more information about our most common flying locations and a detailed map to get you there.

Gift Certificates
Paragliding gift certificates are the best way to say happy birthday or to say thank you. You would be surprised by how many people have paragliding on their bucket list. Give someone a gift that they will remember for the rest of their life. Click above for more information

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Don’t hesitate to schedule your flight now; Tandem Utah is a safe and well respected group of pilots that will ensure you have the best paragliding experience possible. There is no obligation and you will not be asked to pay for your flight until after you safely land.